Fort Point Open Studio Exhibition

Parts of the Bumpkin Island Map Archive will be exhibited at the Fort Point Open Studio exhibition 10/14 – 10/16. Along with other artist collectives that participated at the Bumpkin Island Art Encampment we will exhibit original maps of the Bumpkin Island Map Archive alongside photographs of the installation at Bumpkin Island. Check it out!

Pictures of the Bumpkin Island Map Archive…

… are now online. You can find pictures of the installation and maps that were created here.



Fabric for uniforms


Hangers for toolkits



Framing explorations

Exploration #1:

pros: easy to prepare

cons: not very stable, uses a lot of material




Exloration #2

pros: uses less material, more stable

cons: slightly more elaborate to prepare






6 toolkits done! 2 more to come.

font for labels: HammerKeys; font for number: Last Words; each toolkit also has a “bumpkin island map archive” sticker.



TRAUBENSAFT! Collective is Mapping Bumpkin Island


In late July of 2011 the TRAUBENSAFT! Collective will take residency on Bumpkin Island in Boston Harbor, and spend five days using experimental cartography and psychogeography methods and strategies to create a map archive of the island, and a participatory mapping project. This Archive is part of the Berwick Research Institute’s Annual Bumpkin Island Art Encampment, produced in cooperation with the Boston Harbor Island Alliance and the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Visitors to Bumpkin during the Encampment may browse the Traubensaft’s collection of original, experimental maps of the island, and borrow maps to use on their own explorations. The map archive will also offer visitors use of a “map-making kit”, with materials and instructions to create their own maps. These visitor-created maps will be donated/contributed to the Bumpkin Island Map Archive for other visitors to use as they explore the Island. As part of the map making process, physical flags/pins may be placed in the environment (and carry a message or label) by the artists and participant cartographers, which refer to landmarks or symbols recorded on particular maps. The markers will alert users to the project and draw their attention to features of the island that might otherwise be overlooked.

Since Uta lives in Calgary, Canada, and Zannah lives in Brooklyn, NY, this blog is serving as our collaboration platform during the planning stages of the project. So you’ll find notes, ideas, lists for logistical planning, sketches, designs, etc. all here…

Big Questions!

Uta’s Questions, Zannah’s response

Map Archive
- do we bring all Bumpkin Maps we have made so far to the island? I think the ones that we made of the Island, if they are in good shape, yes!
- how many do we want done before we get there? I think if we have 6-10 of the island beforehand, that could be great
- do we want a big poster or something like a big sign to post in front of the archive location? Yes! I can work on making a fabric banner, since it will be easy to roll up and transport. I like the idea of a big cardboard “PIN” that shows the archive is there… and we have all these big sheets of cardboard here from Ikea trips, BUT… how to transport? (ok, maybe not as big as this one, but… same idea) Maybe I could get my family to help make this?

- how do we secure maps from bad weather – should we have “cardboard frames”? I like cardboard frames idea, let’s try it with sample maps. You have a tarp? I have some rope from Ikea. Right now the forecast looks good, but you never know…
- should we have a “check-out” sheet for visitors to sign out toolkits (kind of like in a library; might be a nice artifact to have for the exhibition) Yeah… this might help people remember to return them!

Mapping Toolkits
- how many do we want to have in total?  Maybe 10-15?
- what needs to be prepared for each toolkit? Materials List, all the stuff, some kind of case
- who brings what to the island regarding toolkits? We should each try to bring 7 or 8? but depends on what we can transport. I can get us a ride from where we are staying to the ferry, but I can’t bring too much on the bus from NYC, since I have to carry tent, etc.
- how much sheets of paper do we want for each toolkit? Let’s say the toolkit gets used 5 times,  maybe 10-15 sheets of paper?
- do we want that “this-toolkit-contains… list” inside of the toolkit? YES!
- my toolkits still need (I have 7 so far)
- finalization of flags
- “instruction” cards
- some need a drawing board
- all of them need “extra things” that might inspire people, e.g. stickers…
- all of them need a number + the Bumpkin Island Mapping Archive logo
- some of them need paper
Sounds good!

- who brings what? i bring the tent, my sleeping bag… umm. the rest of the stuff we’ll have to get in the morning (food, etc).
- do we need cooking utensils? I think we can get these from my parents
- what will we eat? see my post
- where do we meet on Thursday (and how do I get there)? I hope we’ll be staying the same place! And my brother will drive us…

Zannah’s Questions…

-What time do you arrive on Wednesday? I arranged so that you and I can stay with Megan, or maybe with my other friend Liz Donovan who lives in a more convenient spot, but we’ll have to work out how to get you and your stuff there. I will get in around 2:30am and take a taxi from the bus station.

How do we keep people from running off with our maps?
Will people really want to carry the kits with them all day? Should we add drop-off points for the kits?
Do we want to make some really big colorful “charismatic” maps to draw people in to the collection? Maybe these could be made here?

-Food: should we bring a stove? or just do everything on a campfire?


Need: mini cooler (I have one from Seattle, but probably can’t carry it up! My parents may have one).Pot for boiling water. Cups and plates, forks, spoons. I have a cookset from seattle, I will find it and see what’s there. I tend to be complicated about food, but we’re going to have so little time to prepare! I was thinking we would go food shopping early the morning before we get on the ferry. I am hoping my brother will come and help us. He can drive us to the store and hopefully drop us off at the ferry in Hull. I also emailed my friend Alan who camps out on really long hikes to ask him what to bring.

My family will come to the Island, maybe on Saturday. I can ask them to bring more supplies/food for us at the halfway point. And we are taken care of for dinner on Thurs and on Monday.

But here are ideas for meals:

Fruit (Bananas, Apples, Peaches)
Granola, with nuts and dried fruit
Rice cakes or bread
Breakfast bars
I would love to have yogurt, but may not stay cold enough :(

Sandwiches– PB&J, cheese, avocado, tomato
Chickpea salad (chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, mint, oil and vinegar, lemon, vinegarette)
Cold rice salad?

Spaghetti with veggies (frozen peas, onions) and cheese
Pasta or Ramen with veggies (carrots, peas, mushrooms?)
Tofu and Kale or greens with garlic and soy sauce
Hot dogs
Tacos with grilled veggies & beans (soft tortillas, zuchinni and peppers, black beans with onion, cheddar, salsa)

Snacks, desserts:
Nuts, trail mix.